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LocationSi9 - Auditorium del Suffragio
Starting date01/11/2023
Starting time14:30
Ending time15:30

Garth Ennis, Joe Kelly and Howard Chaykin, moderated by Marco Rizzo.
The United States is a country, but also a place of the imagination: the setting for countless adventures, among a thousand genres and infinite dreams. But how to tell the story of such a complex nation today? Let’s explore the tale of the USA with three great screenwriters: Garth Ennis (the author of The Boys, Preacher, Marjorie Finnegan and many other timely and cynical observations on America), Joe Kelly (who has ventured into Superman, X-Men and has written I Kill Giants) and Howard Chaykin, the storyteller of American contradictions an secrets in works such as Black Kiss and American Flag! Moderated by screenwriter and journalist Marco Rizzo, they will reveal their visions in an unmissable dialogue.

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