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Garth Ennis

Till the End of His Words

By Luca Bitonte and Alessandro Apreda

This is not just an exhibition about the Master of Belfast, now citizen of NY: rather, it is about him and his friends, about that unique relationship that can onlyarise between the tables of a pub. He kept them all, these affections, enhancing them and drawing from the sum of the individual parts an incredible strength. This is an exhibition about the indissoluble bond between these people, and the infinite artthat emerged. (…) A collective exhibition, which tries to pay homage to the incredible storytelling of the bad boy, and at the same timeto those who made this story telling real, possible, effective, carnal and material. This exhibition aims to highlight the work, dedication and artistry of so many artists, many artisans who gave substance to Garth’s idea, imprinting it in the reader’s memory. (…) They gave Jesse a face and accompanied him in his search for God; they gave John Constantine that middle finger raised against demons, and against the readers; they made Tommy Monaghan expressive and lovable; they represented the drama of war as rarely seen in the war comiccycles so dear to Garth’s heart; they made real the superheroes you would never want to deal with, the terrible boys of The Boys. And so infinite thanks to Garth, to Steve Dillon and Carlos Ezquerra who are sadly no longer with us, to John McCrea, Russ Braun, Keith Burns, PJ Holden, David Lloyd, Darick Robertson, Glenn Fabry, Henry Flint, Goran Sudzuka, and to Stuart Moore and Karen Berger, who didn’t draw Garth Fantasies, but were fundamental in bringing them to paper.

The author, for the first time in Italy, will be a guest of Lucca Comics & Games 2023, in collaboration with Panini and saldaPress.

Venue: Palazzo Ducale - Lucca