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Zombie Walk di Dead Island 2


Developer, publisher, suppliers, and global leader in the entertainment industry, PLAION is happy to invite all the visitors of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 to participate in the Zombie Walk dedicated to the highly anticipated “Dead Island 2” on Halloween. 

The epidemic started in Los Angeles and it’s completely getting out of control, the virus is prevailing and the first mutations are beginning to appear in Lucca. Infected people (the talented team of Zombie Walk Italy) are joining forces, and reliable sources have confirmed that they will assemble on 31 October at 4 PM in Mercato del Carmine to invade the city. 

Ravenous zombies, fear and blood: an unmissable activity for all visitors in the afternoon that precedes the frightful night of Halloween, where spirits and afterlife creatures come alive. 

Everyone is welcome and can participate freely in the Zombie Walk of Dead Island 2 showing up in Mercato del Carmine at 4PM, in groups or alone, as zombies or as simple civilians, hunters or preys, everyone gets to choose their side. From there, the itinerary will pass through via Fillungo, the main street that leads to the historical centre of Lucca, where it will turn into an exciting escape to survive the zombie attack, culminating at the Casermetta San Paolino with a final twist. 

At the arrival in the area entirely dedicated to Dead Island 2, the fearless participants can immerse themselves in the coolest setting of the manifestation, characterised by pulp, gore and Californian tones, to be immortalised at the end of this horror experience directly in Jacob’s living room and receive a special gadget, thus ending in style a monstrous afternoon!