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From Friday 28th October 
to Tuesday 1
st November 
Opening time: 9 AM 
Closing time: 7 PM



Visit the relevant website section.

Click on the relevant links if you are interested in attending “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” or Rhapsody of Fire concerts, or if you want to know how to access other events in the Music & Comics Arena.

Ticket offices (8 AM - 5 PM) and Welcome Desk (7 AM - 6 PM)

  • Train station 
  • Piazzale Risorgimento 
  • Via del Pallone 
  • City walls - Baluardo San Salvatore 
  • Polo Fiere 
  • Palazzetto dello Sport

You can consult the map on this page.

Free admission and free tickets
Free admission is available for children born from 01/01/2013 (who must always be accompanied) and does not require the collection of a specific free ticket or bracelet. In case of doubt, the staff may ask you to show a document certifying their age. 

People with disabilities are entitled to a free ticket, and any accompanying person will be able to purchase the reduced-price one. These tickets can be collected at the specific Welcome Desks.

See also the relevant website section.


The Municipality of Lucca has entrusted Metro, a company that manages car parks, with additional places to park visitors’ cars.

Here is how to use the service:

  • go to this page;
  • select your type of vehicle (car up to to 5.2 metres long, car with handicap placard, camper or motorcycle);
  • choose the day of arrival (from 28th October to 1st November) 
  • choose your preferred spot from the available car parks.

If you have already purchased Metro services you can reuse your existing account, but you can also proceed to payment by logging in via your own Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, without the need for any additional registration. 

PLEASE NOTE: the furthest car parks will be connected to the fair by shuttle service.


  • The shuttle serviceconnecting the city to the Polo Fiere Japan Town will be continuously available every day of the festival from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM, every 5 minutes. Boarding/alighting at Polo Fiere and Via Della Formica/Piazza della Pace.
  • The shuttle service connecting the Carducci Pavilion Lucca Games to the Pala Tagliate - Music & Comics Arena (Palatucci car park) is available every day of the festival with the following timetable: 2 PM - 6 PM and 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM, every 10 minutes. Boarding/alighting at Padiglione Carducci and Pala Tagliate.


  • Taxi -Piazza Santa Maria - tel. +39 0583 494190 - Piazzale Verdi - tel. +39 0583 581305 – Piazza Napoleone - tel. +39 0583 316041 - Via Barbantini, 617 - tel. +39 0583 950623 - Piazzale Ricasoli (Stazione FF.SS) - tel. +39 0583 494989
    Radio-taxi - tel. +39 02 53 53
    Consorzio Tassisti Lucchesi - Radio-taxi tel. +39 0583 333434
  • Vaibus urban and suburban buses -Ticket office and information office – Piazzale Verdi – Opening time: 6 AM - 8 PM (8 AM - 8 PM on holidays) Bus departure and arrival station at the Palatucci car park (from 28th October to 1st November)
  • Trains -Railway Station - Piazza Ricasoli - FS information tel. +39 848 - 888088 – Customer service: tel. +39 0583 467013 - Information and ticket office: tel. +39 0583 47013
  • Aeroplane - The Galileo Galilei airport is 20 km from Lucca. Direct connection from the airport to Pisa Centrale railway station.



San Luca Hospital - via Guglielmo Lippi Francesconi - Toll-free number: tel. +39 800 869 143 - Switchboard: tel. +39 0583 9701

Emergency - 112

Italian Red Cross - tel. +39 0583 341216 - Piazzale Don Baroni, 5

Croce Verde - tel. +39 0583 467713 - Via Romana trav. II, 95

Croce Verde - tel. +39 0583 406490 - Ponte a Moriano, via Luigi Vecchiacchi, 17

Misericordia - tel. +39 0583 494902 - Via Cesare Battisti, 2

Doctor on call in Lucca - tel. +39 0584 616779; headquarter in Ponte a Moriano tel. +39 0584616786

Pharmacy (open 24 hours a day) - Piazza Curtatone - tel. +39 0583 491398

Emergency vet service (available 24 hours a day) - tel. +39 0583 9701


Carabinieri - 112

Provincial Headquarters - tel. +39 0583 467821 - Cortile degli Svizzeri, 4

Borgo Giannotti Carabinieri station - tel. +39 0583 954215

Stazione S. Concordio Carabinieri station - tel. +39 0583 355898

Ponte a Moriano Carabinieri station - tel. +93 0583 406312

San Lorenzo a Vaccoli Carabinieri station - tel. 0583 379075

Stazione Nozzano Carabinieri station - tel. +39 0583 548036

State Police - 113 

Central police station - Viale Cavour, 38 - tel. +39 0583 455487

Traffic Police - via delle Città Gemelle - tel. +39 0583 58901

Firefighters - 115 - Via Nicola Barbantini, 896 - tel. +39 0583 91069

Civil Protection Department - Piazza S. Romano - Former Caserma Lorenzini - tel. +39 0583 409061

Italian postal service - Via Vallisneri, 2 - tel. +39 0583 43351 - tel. +39 0583 433605 (secretariat service)

Branch offices - Piazza del Carmine - Via Carlo Del Prete - Viale Castracani, 68 - Viale

Puccini, 407 - Viale Regina Margherita - Via delle Ville, 547 - Via Vecchia Pesciatina, 77 - Via San Alessio - Via Nottolini, 916


10 simple precautions to enjoy the festival in a safe and relaxing way.



Communication campaign on safety measures taken for Lucca Comics & Games 2022

  1. Follow our suggestions. They are specially made to make your visit in Lucca easier and safer. Talk to your family about these simple tips: they will feel even more relaxed when you take part in Lucca Comics & Games. Explain these suggestions to your travelling companion as well: you will be a more conscious group moving around faster without losing valuable time.
    In the event of a security check, follow the Security Officers’ instructions and don’t waste time in controversy or protests: this is just for your safety and to ensure a safe and relaxing visit.
  2. Access the city where permitted, bring a valid ID, facilitate the flow of traffic on the public street and enjoy the cosplayers in the Giardino degli Osservanti/“GOS” Area. Enter the city through the allowed entrances visible on the maps you’ll find at the end of the decalogue. Be collaborative: the Security Officers may ask you to show your ID, so having it at hand will save you from wasting more time to identify yourself. Keeping the public street free reduces the chances of gatherings: make the most of the “GOS” area to take pictures of cosplayers and avoid doing it in the street.
  3. In the event of security checks, be collaborative, open your bags and backpacks when required for the usual checks and…drop your mask! When asked, open your bag and backpack for a quick inspection. Afterwards, remember to close them. Moreover, as part of the checks, move your mask or disguise from your face for a moment and make yourself recognisable by the Security Officers.
  4. Don’t climb the outside face of the walls, you’ll be in danger of falling and hurting yourself. Lucca’s walls are stunning but also very high: keep your eyes open, don’t get distracted but most of all don’t take risks!
  5. Keep an eye on information signs. Pay attention to information signs, both at the entrances and inside the historic centre, you’ll move around faster and waste less time. In order to keep the crowd in the public street under control as much as possible, remember that you may run into temporary flow deviations: be aware that the festival takes place throughout the city with interesting events and products, so take the chance to continue your visit heading to other destinations and go back to where you were unable to get to at a later time without creating gatherings at the deviation points, which need to be kept accessible at the exits. We will be grateful for the contribution to safety you’ll make in this way!
  6. Yes to beverages, but forget about unauthorised vendors (as well as unauthorised leafleting). You can bring as many beverages as you like, preferably in plastic containers: glass containers won’t be allowed inside the pavilions. Buy drinks, food and products of all kinds only from authorised vendors, inside pavilions or in the city shops. Remember you can hand out flyers only if you’ve been previously authorised to do so by the festival organisation.
  7. Buy your train ticket now to return home. Make your return home easier and smoother by purchasing the return train ticket as soon as possible. This way you’ll avoid eventual long queues at Lucca’s train station.
  8. Come armed with patience (and only that). Respect queues, there will be many of us and remember other people will attend the event as well. Leave explosive products, firearms and similar tools that may hurt others at home: your costume must be made without weapons and sharp or stinging materials (e.g. metal saws, drill bits, hammers, screwdrivers, pointed or cutting edge swords and katanas). For further details visit the Lucca Comics & Games website, LUCCA EASY section.
  9. Keep an eye on fire extinguishers and emergency exits. There will be many fire extinguishers everywhere: do not displace or block access to them. Firefighters and appointed staff will take care of any necessity. When entering an enclosed space, immediately check where the emergency exits are: you’ll know where not to stand and, in case of evacuation, you’ll know where to go and won’t panic.
  10. Covid-19 recommendations. Even though the use of protective masks is not made mandatory by current legislation, we know there will be many people, often close to each other. Therefore, the use of FFP2 masks is always recommended, as well as sanitising your hands frequently by making use of dispensers you’ll find in the festival area.