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Welcome to the Communityverse


Communityverse is the term we have chosen to describe a new experimental cultural section, between the physical and digital dimension, entirely dedicated to new technologies and languages: five days of intelligent dissemination to understand and analyse the near future, with guests and experts.

Metaverse, NFT, SBT, blockchain, web3, artificial intelligence, generative art and crypto are just some of the terms that we hear and read about more and more everyday, even though we don’t always understand their meaning.

The Communityverse project at Lucca Comics & Games ambitiously aims at telling and explaining these technologies, trying to do so in a simple and direct way, through a series of guests, partners and exponents of this world, and through practical experiences, giving life to the largest Italian event in terms of content provided on the subject.

The event is taking place every day of the festival, from 28th October to 1st November in the basement of the Casermetta di San Pietro(Baluardo dei Balestrieri), in the Meeting Room “Sala R.E.C. presso la Sagrestia di San Francesco, all’East Village” and, obviously, online.

The programmed events (all with free admission) are written below. It would be preferable to reserve them by clicking on the single event in the section “Programma” (Area: Communityverse)

Friday 28/10
10 AM – 11 AM Virtual Debate (Andrea Benassi, Antonio Guarino, Azzurra Ruggeri).
1 PM – 2 PM Meeting “Multiverse of Metaverses”: the genesis of an exhibition (Daniele Luchi, Gianluca del Gobbo, Enzo Fontana, Alexander Mariotti).
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Metaverse: HHH (Hype, HOPE, Hell) (Marco Ruffa, Massimo Simbula, Marco Crotta).
8 PM – Inauguration of the exhibition “Multiverse of Metaverses” with DJ set with Catherine Poulain.

Saturday 29/10
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM It’s all because of the Algorithm (this stranger) (Michele Laurelli, Ivan Tizzanini, Giulia Tirozzi, Emanuele Briganti).
1 PM – 2 PM Cryptoskeptics Vs Cryptosupporters (Emilio Cozzi, Lorenzo “LRNZ” Ceccotti, Fabio Viola, Fabio Gadducci, Giovanni Russo, Daniele Luchi).

Sunday 30/10
10 AM – 11 AM Artificial Intelligence and Generative Art (Lorenzo “LRNZ” Ceccotti, Francesco Ristori, Francesco D’Isa).
11 AM – 12:30 PM From Gaming to the Metaverse: is it a short step? (Lorenzo Petrangeli, Vincenzo Rana, Luca Cresciullo).

Lunedì 31/10
1 PM – 2 PM Rewards, Virtual Coins, Play to Earn, Tokenomics: not just a breeze… (Edoardo Degli Innocenti, Michal Geci, Michele Laurelli, Niccolò Bardoscia).
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Interoperability Vs Customisation – Metaverse Standard Forum (Tiziano Tridico, Lorenzo Niccolai, Matteo "Quantiik" Marzorati, David Gallo).

Tuesday 1/11
9 AM – 10 AM The future of LC&G’s Communityverse (Michele Barghini, Marco Verna, Andrea Concas, Luca Dal Passo, Lorenzo Niccolai, Daniele Luchi).
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM How will creativity evolve in the Metaverse age? (Marco Dodaro, Tiziano Tridico, Matteo Favarelli).