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Raunji Cospl-Ai


Thanks to technology, Japan will be back in the streets of the Lucca centre with Raunji Cospl-Ai, a place dedicated to Cosplay where Yanushi (Paolo Picchi), together with Giacomo Ligas, will welcome cosplayers, artists and guests in a Japanese-style room: a real lounge area with photo booth, book signings, meet & greet, themed music and many other surprises to discover, set up by Anime Import.

The San Francesco Pavilion will open its doors to two “Multimedia Portalswith a maxi-screen, which will connect the Polo Fiere and the pavilion itself in real time: coming across the Portal while walking around the square, you will be able to see life-sized people from the other side of the city. It will be like having them next to you; you'll be able to hear the sounds, exchange smiles and take meta-selfies.

However, the portal's magic doesn't end there: besides allowing you to peek inside the pavilion with its guests, music, entertainment and give-aways, the Portal will guide you to the gathering points for the shuttle buses heading to the Polo Fiere and give updates about the events scheduled at the Polo. Japan gets even closer with a unique interactive experience!