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Guests: Ohkubo, Nagabe, Yagi


Atsushi Ohkubo (shown in the image) is the author of Soul Eater, his first serialised work: it was published for about nine years from the June 2004 issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan (published by Square Enix) and turned out to be a global success. In 2015, Fire Force started being serialised in the Weekly Shonen Magazine (published by Kodansha): its volumes have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and the series will be completed in 2022. A TV series was made from the work, starting with the first season in September 2019 and followed by the second season in July 2020. It has been announced that a third season is already being produced. Master Ohkubo loves music and video games! “B.Ichi” and “Soul Eater Not!” are just some of his other remarkable works. Ohkubo-sensei is also a character designer. He will be present in Lucca from 28th to 30th October at the Panini Pavillon (Cavallerizza) and will take part in a meeting with the audience.

Nagabe is the author of “Girl From The Other Side”, which sold more than a million copies. He will be in Lucca during the whole festival to finally meet his fans, after his online participation in Lucca Changes 2020. The young mangaka will be a guest in collaboration with J-Pop Manga, publisher of his new work “Monotone Blue”. Nagabe will meet the audience and sign copies at the stand, in a setting dedicated to “Girl from the Other Side”, his most famous work, which has also become an animated film from the Crunchyroll catalogue.

Norihiro Yagi will be one of the Japanese guests at LC&G 2022. He is the acclaimed author of the extraordinary “Ariadne In The Blue Sky” - an adventure still in progress - and of the dark fantasy work “Claymore” (completed in 2014), which has made him famous all over the world. Master Yagi will be in Lucca from 29th October to 1st November.