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Il ritorno del Cinghiale


After the launch in 2019, “L’Angolo del Cinghiale” comes back to Lucca Comics & Games with its two tables dedicated to the hardcore gamers at the Carducci stand. 

During the five days of the festival, near the Demo Area, the more expert gamers will have the possibility to try two games still not released in Italy, that will be present with their English versions and a staff dedicated to explaining the game. 

Pax Viking” is an historical trade and diplomacy strategy game set in the 10th century from Ion Games, a publishing house that stands out among gamers for its games of a certain calibre. The game retraces the events of those Vikings who travelled toward east, to the rich trade routes of Persia and around the Black Sea.
Playing sessions of about 2 hours will be organised during the festival.

Instead, “The Knight Fall” is a simpler narrative game but that will give a hard time to those who will want to sit at the table. Every game at the festival will last about half an hour and a good level of English will be necessary to completely enjoy the experience. 

To sign up for sessions, you have to complete the form.