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Guests: Nolan Bushnell


The festival will celebrate Atari’s 50th anniversary with the presence of the Guest of Honour Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and nominated by “Newsweek” as “one of the 50 men who changed America”.

The creator of the first large-scale coin-op (“Computer Space”), as well as the inventor of Pong, will be celebrated with an exhibition in San Franceschetto, former oratory in Piazza San Francesco. You will find some of Atari’s rarest coin-ops and many other gems within the exhibition area.

Bushnell will be a guest on the opening day with a livestream on the festival Twitch channel, while on 29th October he will take part in the panel “L’evoluzione dei videogiochi!” (The evolution of video games!); on 31st October, he will talk about his career during the event “Nolan Bushnell – The Videogame Legend”; and finally, on 1st November, he will be the focus of the round table “Nuovi Orizzonti” (New Horizons), discussing the future of video games.