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Communityverse: online experiences


The Communityverse is, of course, also made up of online experiences. Let’s see what they consist of:


Corderblock will create a metaverse experience of the festival oriented to the community of thesocial platform Discord, while the treasure hunt “The 10 gems of Lucca” will be an augmented reality game experience proposed by OverTheReality.

For the first time it will be also possible to visit Palazzo Ducale exhibitions in the metaverse, both via browser and through virtual reality viewers, thanks to a three-dimensional scan created by MedStore.

You will find experiences related to new NFT technologies online: projects related to the Cosplay world, the Japan area, gaming and physical presence at the festival, with the aim of experimenting with digital wallets and blockchain transactions. These topics will also be discussed during the meetings organised by our “Crypto Partners”: Affidaty - Blockchain Technology Provider, DVRS, DeFi Foundation, Algoretico, Reevo, Niftify, Artrights, NFT Factory and “Metaverse Partner”: History Channel, The Nemesis, Coderblock, OverTheReality, DVRS, MedStore.