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Twenty years ago, a Polish software house created a new organization to offer players around the world a unique video game experience, bringing a new perspective to the industry: hence CD PROJEKT RED was born, and it will celebrate its anniversary at Lucca Comics & Games 2022 with a unique event.

Starting from the imagination of Andrzej Sapkowski, the company took a real gamble by investing in a new game for five years: “The Witcher 1”. The bet was won, and the initial mission of creating video games that were above all an exciting and immersive experience turned into reality. Imageries capable of conveying values such as inclusivity, transposing current topics within the gaming platform and creating a unique bond between multifaceted and complex characters and players, who can experience their issues, achievements and feelings.

In its twenty-year long path, CD PROJEKT RED has become a true model within the video game industry, and it will bring its story to Lucca.