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CD Projekt Red at Villa Bottini


Among all the international options, CD Projekt Red has chosen Lucca to celebrate its 20 years of activity. It will propose the Museum & Art Gallery project dedicated to the Polish software house's celebrations, which will be held in the beautiful setting of Villa Bottini with an interactive artistic journey dedicated to the two decades of the company.

Interesting panels are also planned, the first one dedicated to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and a second one about Cyberpunk 2077, led by renowned professionals such as: Yoh Yoshinari (Chief Character Designer), Naoko Tsutsumi (Animation Producer), Saya Elder (Producer & Creative Supervisor), Bartosz Sztybor (Writer of Cyberpunk Edgerunners), Martha Weiss (Concept Artist), Miles Tost (Acting Lead Level Designer), Pawel Sasko (Quest Director).

The celebration also includes an unprecedented concert, created specifically for Lucca Comics & Games and dedicated to The Witcher, which will see the participation of Eimear Noone, the first woman to conduct the orchestra at the Academy Awards.

Many satellite events will be part of the celebration, among which a treasure hunt, a community party and many more. A dedicated sitehas been created so as not to miss anything about all the activities scheduled for the five days of the festival.