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Andor and Willow – The Series


Disney+ will be a protagonist at Lucca: the Lucasfilm series “Andor” and “Willow – The Series” will be the focus of screenings and meetings with some of the cast members.

  • On Sunday 30th October at 6 PM at Cinema  Astra, screening of       the 8th episode of “Andor”  and meeting with Denise Gough (Dendra Meero) with special surprises for all the fans
  • On Tuesday 1st November at 11 PM at  Cinema Astra, meeting with the actors of  “Willow – The Series” Erin Kellyman, Ellie Bamber and Amar Chadha-Patel, with exclusive preview images.

Some meetings will also be live streamed on the festival's Twitch and YouTube channels: on 30th October at 4:30 PM Denise Gough will talk about “Andor” and on 31st October at 5PM the cast of “Willow – The Series” will give details of the series.