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Villa Bottini- The Videogames Hub


Villa Bottini, In the heart of the city, opens once again as an exceptional location for the public of Lucca Comics & Games, with a special focus on video games.

The R.E.C. hall - which hosts the dense cultural and meeting programme of the videogame sector - will in fact move within its walls, with conferences, round tables and meetings with international guests of the calibre of Yu Suzuki, Rand Miller, Jean Luc Sala and Arnar Hrafn Gylfason.

Under the motto Together, the Villa will also allow people to experience and play the history of video games, ranging from old coin-ups to virtual reality. In fact, in collaboration with Arcade Story, it will be possible to take a plunge into the past by getting your hands on original booths, and even an entire room will be dedicated to the titles of Yu Suzuki and the historic SEGA house: a unique opportunity to play or replay iconic titles such as Hang On, Out Run, Space Harrier and more.

A few metres away, you will be able to continue your journey into the world of video games by playing some of the most famous video games on consoles in the world of football, in collaboration with the Lucchese football team, with whom you will also be able to exchange a few shots at football in the garden, or challenge each other to table football.

Also with the support of the Lucchese football team, on Friday 3 at 7 p.m., at the Porta Elisa stadium in Lucca, the first Cthulhu CUP by CMON quadrangular (with completely free admission) will take place, with 4 (literally) exceptional teams facing each other: Nazionale Fumettisti, Boardgames All Stars, Lucca città del fumetto e del gioco, and Real Zigan.

Finally, a look - interactive, of course - at the latest trends in digital entertainment could not be missing: Villa Bottini will in fact host a room dedicated to the metaverse and virtual reality, to be experienced personally in immersive stations.