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Masters of Fantasy Illustration


The exhibition routes dedicated to games and fantasy have never been so rich: this year there are no less than 6 exhibitions, including an exhibition in the Carducci pavilion of top-quality prints and miniatures by the undisputed master of fantasy illustration, Frank Frazetta, realised in collaboration with Corner4Art and Mindworks.

Frazetta’s Legacy: Art on Art will be accompanied by the presence at the fair of a special guest: SaraFrazetta, Frank’s granddaughter, who created the Frazetta Girls portal 10 years ago, collecting her grandfather's legacy and sharing it with fans all over the world.

Among the exhibitions, there will also be one dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien.Other Minds and Hands: JRRT50 - In Time and Space, in Games and Comicswill be held in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni where original works by the great illustrator Angus McBride will also be on show.Accompanying the exhibition will be a palimpsest of events with curators Oronzo Cilli and Roberto Di Meglio, Francesco Nepitello, Pete Fenlon and Brian Sibley as guests.