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Indoor and Outdoor Larp


In the celebration programme for the 30th anniversary of Lucca Games, the evocative project The ‘90s Room was born, a process of inclusive participation realised with the Liceo Artistico “Passaglia” of Lucca ad the gurus of immersive experience design, the Chaos League collective.

Through a research workshop focused on the nerd passions within a intergenerational dialogue, students were asked to imagine what would have looked like the hypothetical room of a Pop Culture enthusiast in 1993. In parallel, Chaos League designed and wrote a specially created immersive experience.

The ‘90s room will be added to the rich programme of Chamber LARP organized by Chaos league, which will offer five more unmissable activities to break the 2022 participant record.

A new selection of the best Italian and international LARPs, minimalist and beautifully designed, will provide powerful and thrilling experiences. No preparation required, no age or access restrictions: everyone will be able to experience unique, engaging, immersive and high-quality stories. For fans of live role-playing games, as every year, The Citadel also returns with tournaments, live demonstrations, parades, and interactive events, taking place on the Walls as well as in its ramparts and dungeons.

For bookings and description of activities follow this link.