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Guest and exhibition: Simone Bianchi - L’arte dei supereroi


Among the official exhibitions of the Festival, the exhibition Simone Bianchi – L’arte dei supereroi arrives in Livorno in the suggestive location of Granai di Villa Mimbelli. Promoted by Comune di Livorno and Fondazione Livorno, with also the Castagneto Banca 1910 contribution and under Lucca Comics & Games patronage, the exhibition, curated by Giorgio Bacci, will be inaugurated on Friday the 21st of July at 6 p.m. and it will possible to see it until the 12th of November 2023.

The exhibition, the biggest in Tuscany so far and the longest among those dedicated to Simone Bianchi, has been realised thanks to the contribution of 22 collectors. For over 16 weeks, it will be possible to admire more than 110 pieces(20 of them unpublished)that recall Bianchi’s 2000s: from the “Wolverine Origins #24” cover of 2009 and the “Astonishing X- Men“ inside pagesof 2008, to the forthcoming covers,  arriving in the U.S. (this July), of “Amazing Spider-Man #26” and "Edge of Spider-verse #4”, presented in world premiere. 

There is also another little achievement that concerns Simone Bianchi’s display: in fact, it is the first time that a Nona Arte representative exhibits together with some of the greatest authors of the 19th Century, already presentat the Museo Fattori. A friendship with the tout court art that Simone carries on with extreme enthusiasm and foresight.

To crown the experience in Simone Bianchi’s world, there will be an immersive room for visitors along the exhibiting path. Realised by Art Media Studio, which has worldwide interactive exhibitions in its own portfolio, from Leonardo to Van Gogh, from Raffaello to Klimt, this room allows the artist’s images to literally come alive: Simone’s universe animates and amazes the audience like in a real film.

Across the contemporary world scene, Simone Bianchi is definitely among the major interpreters of the most famous superheroes who have marked the collective imagination of entire generations. Superman and Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America, as well as Wolverine, the X-Men, the Avengers, Sharkey – The Bounty Hunter (in collaboration with Mark Millar, for Netflix), just to name a few, have all gone through Bianchi’s fervid inventive spirit. He has been the first European to be in charge of the Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces project, which was the object of a double contemporary exhibition at Lucca Comics and at the Metropolis Gallery in New York in 2018.

The exhibition presents to the audiencea wide selection of works, including paintings, sketches and posters, with the aim of rebuilding the creative process of the artist by starting with the preparatory drawing to get to the final work, ready to be printed. An extraordinary journey full of surprises, designed for a wide audience (from children to adults, up to fans of the sector).

Furthermore, a section of the exhibition is dedicated to the relationship between the artist and the international music scene, to ideally complete a unique and real journey inside the creative world of a contemporary artist.


  • Simone Bianchi – L’arte dei supereroi

    Villa Mimbelli, Sala degli Specchi, Livorno
    From the 21st of July to the 12th of November 2023

  • Inauguration on Friday the 21st of July, 6 p.m.

    In addition to the artist Simone Bianchi, there will be:
    Simone Lenzi – Councillor of Culture, Comune di Livorno
    Luciano Barsotti – President of Fondazione Livorno
    Emanuele Vietina – Director of Lucca Comics & Games
    Giorgio Bacci – Associate Professor at the Università degli studi di Firenze and Curator of the exhibition