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Grog, Karl, Lillo and Joe


2023 is an important year for Lucca Games, founded in 1993. Many events are planned to celebrate the anniversary with a rich parterre of national and international guests.

For this historic occasion, even Grog, the mascot of Lucca Games invented by Renato Genovese in 1989 on the occasion of the birth of the Vorodin saga, gets a makeover.

After an initial interpretation by Roberto Giomi, the mascot has already undergone a digital restyling by Marco Bianchini for its tenth anniversary. In 2013, the Grog was again interpreted, this time by Marco Soresina, who turned it into an animated short film.

This year, for its 30th anniversary, its restyling has been entrusted to the artist who has perhaps most represented the last decade of the festival’s history and the Games world in particular: master KarlKopinski.

A story worth telling needs good narrators: Lillo Petrolo will be the second ambassador of LuccaGames, together with the already announced Joe Manganiello. The Roman actor, passionate about modelling, will represent one of the founding universes of Lucca Games, which for years has been expressed in the Miniature Island area.

An appreciated painter of miniatures, winner of numerous competitions, the exhibition Lillo: Journey to the Centre of Modelling is dedicated to Lillo and his masters, in the very central Palazzo Arnolfini, where it will also be possible to admire the miniatures painted by Josè da Vinci, Sergio Calvo Rubio, Arnau Lazaro, Fabrizio Russo, Francesco Farabi, David Arroba, Max Richiero, Pietro Balloni, Luciano Leni, Giovanni Bosio, Alessandro Marinone, Andrea Jula, Danilo Cartacci and many others.

Inside the exhibition there will be a corner dedicated to the Grog, sculpted by Silvia Corso, produced by Greebo and exceptionally painted by Lillo himself. Lillo on 2 November will be the protagonist of the main event on the Grog Live Show stage, which will see him and Joe Manganiello pitted against each other in an ironic encounter/clash as Grog and Arkhan, and he will meet the public at the Giglio Theatre.