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Garth Ennis & Friends


Here are the events of Garth Ennis:

  1. Writing America - Wednesday 01/11, 2.30-3.30pm, Auditorium del Suffragio.
    With Garth Ennis, Joe Kelly and Howard Chaykin, moderated by Marco Rizzo. The United States is a country, but also a place of the imagination: the setting for countless adventures, among a thousand genres and infinite dreams. But how to tell the story of such a complex nation today? We explore the tale of the USA with three great scriptwriters: Garth Ennis (the author of The Boys, Preacher, Marjorie Finnegan and many other timely and cynical observations on America), Joe Kelly (who has ventured into Superman, X-Men and has written I Kill Giants) and Howard Chaykin, the storyteller of American contradictions and secrets in works such as Black Kiss and American Flagg! Moderated by screenwriter and journalist Marco Rizzo, they will reveal their visions in an unmissable dialogue.
  2. Garth Ennis: Till The End of His Words - Saturday 04/11, from 3 to 4 p.m., San Giovanni Auditorium. With Garth Ennis, Goran Sudzuka, Mark&Tanya Dillon, Alessandro "DocManhattan" Apreda and Luca Bitonte. Journey into the worlds and words of Garth Ennis's career, an exploration that starts from the exhibition dedicated to him at Palazzo Ducale, through the testimonies of Goran Sudzuka and Mark and Tanya Dillon of the Dillon Foundation. Both Sudzuka and Steve Dillon are widely represented in the exhibition. The curators of the exhibition Luca Bitonte and Alessandro "DocManhattan" Apreda will participate, who will also present the documentary dedicated to Ennis and produced by Lucca Comics & Games, which will be visible on RaiPlay.
  3. A world in turmoil - comics tell the story of wars (and peace)- Thursday 02/11, from 11:30am to 13:00pm, Auditorium del Suffragio. With Garth Ennis, Gianluca Costantini, Olga Grebennik, Alec Trenta, Francesca Torre, Margherita Tramutoli, Simonetta Gola, Marco Rizzo.  Some of Lucca Comics & Games' most prestigious guests reflect on a world marked by conflicts and tensions moderated by journalist and screenwriter Marco Rizzo. With Garth Ennis, who has signed some of the most bitter and realistic reconstructions of wars of the past, we will look at the telling of conflicts through the lens of Anglophone comics, from Marvel to DC Comics via independent publishers. With Gianluca Costantini, cartoonist, activist and author of some famous portraits such as those of Patrick Zaki and Giulio Regeni, we will reflect on today's tensions and lesser-known victims. With Ukrainian author Olga Grebennik we will discuss her War Diary, written and drawn during the Russian bombings, while with Alec Trenta we will explore her adaptation of Bernard Benson's historic Book of Peace, a pacifist classic now turned into a picture book. Finally, with the cartoonists Francesca Torre and Margherita "LaTram" Tramutoli and with Simonetta Gola, EMERGENCY's director of communications, we will talk about their comics project from Afghanistan, a story about access to care between Kabul and Anabah.
  4. Garth Ennis: Those Bad Boys- Thursday 02/11, 5:30 to 6:30 pm, Chiesa di San Giovanni.
    A dialogue between Garth Ennis and Emiliano Pagani on 'uncomfortable' comics without borders. A journey into ultra-violence between Europe and the United States. Moderator: Nicola Peruzzi.