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Exploring the depths of fantasy


Imaginary worlds and boundless literary universes are ready to captivate readers of all ages in the new edition of Luk for Fantasy, the Lucca Comics & Games area dedicated to fantasy in all its variants, which this year doubles the number of international guests and multiplies the number of languages (four in addition to Italian), reaching 20 authors and artists from all over the world.

There are numerous news this year, from the physical locations hosting the publishing houses: theSan Martino pavilion doubles in size and is ready to welcome all fans who, together with their favourite authors, want to ideally experience epic adventures in a journey into the realms of fantasy. Literary universes in which fantasy is limitless, narrated thanks to the participation of the most important fantasy editors.

The 800 square meters facing the city’s Cathedral will host the three major editorial groups reunited for the first time at Lucca Comics & Games: the Mondadori Group, the Giunti Group and the Mauri Spagnol Publishing Group (GeMS). But there will also be medium and small editors present for the first time, such as Add Editore, Edizioni E/O, Il Saggiatore, L’Ippocampo edizioni,Neri Pozza and Nui Nui, together with those that, until last year, were in the Carducci pavilion and are changing pavilion this year, such as Fanucci Editore, Armenia, Future Fiction, Plesio, EKT, NPS edizioni.

Inside the Carducci pavilion, on the other hand, is the Lucca Comics & Games Performance Area. The Artist playground marks its 25th birthday and is celebrated with the Lords for Fantasy calendar, published by Eterea Edizioni and whose proceeds will be donated to Area Performance ODV.

Surrounding the artists' area of choice are the great Masters of Fantasy Art, Luis and Romulo Royo, present with an exhibition in Palazzo Ducale, Ciruelo, Karl Kopinski, the artists’ studio Design Studio Press with the artist Chris Ayers, creator of the creatures in the films Men in Black II and Aliens vs. Predator 2, and the special effects for Scary movie 3, and of The Santa Clause 2, and Corner4Art  guest artists  Joan Vizcarra, Tony Fernandez, Max Pedreira, Martin Rodriguez, Joaquin Rodriguez and Garotto, and the Artist Alley dedicated to the 30 years of Magic: The Gathering.