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Exhibition: Dino Battaglia


A century after his birth and forty years after his passing, Lucca Comics & Games decides to celebrate one of the absolute Masters of comics, the Venetian artist Dino Battaglia, with an exhibition in the Chiesa dei Servi, realised thanks to Pietro Alligo, Lo Scarabeo editions and Giuseppe Battaglia’s precious collaboration. 

As it can be seen in this exhibition, divided into fundamental macro themes such as adventure and war, religion, fantasy-metaphysic-science fiction and fable, Battaglia’s drawing (that at some point is served in the most appropriate way by the colours of his wife Laura) gets close to most disparate events and characters, like Gustav Meyrink’s Golem, Edgar Allan Poe’s horror and mystery stories, Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s disturbing fantasies or else St. Francis’s life or the oneof other religious figures of the Christian tradition.

Images distinguished by his ethereal, seductive or delicate and suffused line, perfect for transmitting peace and brotherhood messages. A “sooty” line that makes his work always new to discover, to study and to admire.

(Image: The Golem, Linus. Milano libri Edizioni, 1971 - Private collection)