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Damiano Carrara and the Grog

“CrunchEon Crawler”, the first edible box game.


Chef Damiano Carrara and his Atelier fully embrace this year's claim, "Together", and present a number of products designed and created especially for participants in Lucca Comics & Games, including, in a limited edition, the sweet game dices, a praline version filled with various flavours. All gluten-free and partly lactose-free, the sweets will be present exclusively in two stands: the first in the Cortile degli Svizzeri and the second in the Padiglione Carducci, in the heart of the Games area.

Among the many products created by Atelier Damiano Carrara for this edition of the festival, an absolute novelty will be the "CrunchEon Crawler" (gluten-free), the first edible box game created by Dejavoo Games. A board game with a game board made of almond-flavoured crunchy shortbread and lots of tasty counters to beat with your hero and eat, with the possibility of Booster refills. Definitely the only game that, when it ends, leaves no bitterness in the mouth, only sweetness!

After the statue dedicated to Lady Hope in 2022, this year the chef Damiano Carrara himself has undertaken an unprecedented feat, reproducing the Grog (the official mascot of Lucca Games) in giant format and in pure chocolate. He has used a complex and even more refined technique, modelling the chocolate by hand and using small wooden and metal tools similar to those of a sculptor, and finishing with the decoration and painting of the subject done entirely with a brush. 450 hours of work, 300 kg of chocolate, 220 cm in height, this is a sculpture modelled entirely by hand, made of milk and dark chocolate.

Finally, Atelier Damiano Carrara will also be present in the Foodmetti space ( San Romano) with sweets dedicated to the comics "Paprika" by Mirka Andolfo and "Rat-Man" by Leo Ortolani (also available at the stands).