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Simone Bianchi

The Art of Superheroes

By Giorgio Bacci, promoted by the Municipality of Livorno and Fondazione Livorno, with the contribution of Castagneto Banca 1910 and the patronage of Lucca Comics & Games

In the evocative setting of the Granai di Villa Mimbelli until 12 November, it will be possible to visit the exhibition Simone Bianchi.  The Art of Superheroes. The exhibition, the longest in terms of time among the exhibitions dedicated to the artist, has been realised thanks to 22 collectors from Italy and the United States who have lent their works. More than 110 works - 20 of them previously unpublished - covering the 2000s can be admired in the rooms.

From the cover of Wolverine origins #24 of 2009, to the inside pages of  Astonishing X- Men from 2008, up to the covers of Amazing Spiderman #26 and Edge of Spider- verse #4 that were exhibited as a world preview for the Livorno exhibition. There is another small record that belongs to to this monographic exhibition by Simone Bianchi. It is the first time that a representative of the Ninth Art exhibits alongside the great nineteenth-century authors present in the Fattori Museum. An association with art tout court which Simone has always pursued with extreme enthusiasm and far-sightedness. To crown the experience in the world of Simone Bianchi, there is an immersive room awaits the visitor along the exhibition route.

Created by Art Media Studio - which has in its portfolio world-class interactive exhibitions ranging from Leonardo to Van Gogh, from Raphael to Kimt- the room allows the artist’s images to literally come to life. Simone’s universe comes alive and amazes the viewer as if inside a real film.

Venue: Granai di Villa Mimbelli - Livorno