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Livio Sossi Editorial Illustration Award

Exhibition Contest Lucca Junior 2023

By Sarah Genovese

The exhibition collects the tables selected by the Jury of the Lucca Junior Contest - Editorial illustration Award “Livio Sossi” 2023.

The aim of the contest is to realise an illustrated project starting from the unpublished text  “Celeste e la gemella Blu” (Celeste and the twin Blu), by Angelo Mozzillo.

There were 311 competing projects,and among them, the Jury- composed of the President, Paolo D’Altan, (illustrator) and the jurors Ivan Canu (Director Mimaster Illustration), Antonella Carnicelli (Art Director of Terre di mezzo Editore), Gud (Art Director of Book on a Tree), and  Elena Pasoli (Exhibition Manager Bologna Children’s Book Fair) - has chosen the winning project and selected the most interesting tables and storyboards, collected in this exhibition.

Each tablecorresponds to the pages of the book to be illustrated, starting with Angelo Mozzillo’s text. Visiting the exhibition, it will thus be possible to discover how each artist has interpreted the same text in a personal way, using often very different graphicsolutions, compositions, characters, colours and techniques.

Deco’s (Elisabetta Decontardi) winning project became an illustrated book published by Terre di mezzo Editore, and will be presented at this edition of Lucca Comics & Games 2023.

On show: Jessica Antonini (Jury’s Recommendation), Lucia Benelli, Cristina Bini, Erica Borgato, Markéta Brecherová, Alice Caldarella, Asia Carbone, Deco (Elisabetta Decontardi) (First Prize), GloriaDi Bella, Massimiliano Favazza, Andrea Veronica Franceschi, Francesca Gastone, Mitty Gnecchi, Irene Magi, Alessia Mannini (Jury Prize), Jessica Martinelli, Eliana Micheli, Flavia Morra, Cecilia Negri (Mention for the graphic synthesis), Charlotte Parente, Maria Luisa Petrarca (Best digital table), Blu Pieraccioli, Alida Pintus (Jury's Recommendation), Silvia Reginato (Mention for the storyboard), Alessio Rizzo, Roberta Rossetti, Lorenzo Sabbatini, Caterina Scaramellini (Mention for the original interpretation), Lorena Spurio (Mention for the storyboard), Susanna Vincenzoni, Alice Zuccheri. Contest partners: Terre di mezzo Editore, Book on a Tree, Associazione Autori di Immagini (AI) and Wacom.

The contest from which the exhibition originates is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Livio Sossi (Trieste, 1951-2019), one of the leading experts in illustration and children’s literature, university professor, essayist, promoter of books and culture for children, and President of the Jury of the Lucca Junior Contest since its first edition in 2007.

Venue: Real Collegio / Family Palace - Lucca