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Lillo and the Grog

Journey to the centre of modelling

by Alberto Cecchetti and Sergio Algozzino

The exhibition dedicated to Lillo by Lucca Comics & Games represents a fascinating journey through the eras and nuances of miniature painting, a world that combines modelling, history, art and play culture. Lillo, pseudonym of Pasquale Petrolo (Rome, 27 August 1962), is a multifaceted artist known for his work as a comedian, screenwriter, musician, TV host, voice actor, radio presenter and cartoonist. However, he is also a master in painting miniatures, an art that represents a deep and unique passion for him. The exhibition offers a detailed look at his career and his evolution as a miniature painter. “Of all the prizes I have received, the most important one for me is the one I won in Granada for miniature painting!”  (…)

The exhibition offers a unique perspective on this world, with the in-depth painting work that has evolved over the years. Lillo will share his technique, the use of the brush, the art of colour and the historical research behind each of his creations. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the miniatures created by the masters who inspired Lillo, demonstrating that miniature painting is an extraordinary art, characterised by an exceptional artistic level and a high level of painting technique. An exhibition that shows how this passion integrates with the art world, sharing the love of detail, creativity and dedication that characterise Lillo's work in miniature painting.

Venue: Piazza del Giglio 3 - Palazzo Arnolfini - Lucca