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Frazetta's Legacy

Art on Art

By Tiziano Antognozzi

For the first since the 19th century, a Frazetta returns to Europe and he does so right in Lucca. Sara Frazetta, granddaughter of the famous Frank and owner of the Frazetta Girls brand, has been managingthe legacy of the great fantasy master for 10 yearsnow throughevents, licensing, online shops and much more.

On the occasion of the exhibition of prints and miniatures Frazetta’s Legacy: Art on Art, realised in partnership with Corner 4 art an Mindwork Studio, Sara tells us about the strategy and philosophy with which shecontinues to nurture the myth of her grandfather and the authenthicity of his work. (…) “My grandfather left us in 2010. As is typical in traditional families, my uncle was the eldest son so hewas expected to manage everything himself, but my mother was always looking for ways to collaborate. So we founded Frazetta Girls in 2013. We started from the bottom, screen printing our first t-shirts with the Frazetta logo. It was Robert Rodriguez who inspired me, when he first showed us the prints he was making of my grandfather’s artwork that he owned [Frazetta made an oil poster for From Dusk Till Dawn of 1996, written and directed by Rodriguez, Nda]. They had a very high quality and Frazetta’s fans immediately went crazy. In 2017 Joe, my partner in life for 14 years, also joined the project. Using his abilities in marketing and digital business, we created new processes in the creation andglobal distribution of products. Within a year we rebuilt the site, created and advertised products until, already in 2019, we began to steadily double our annual profits. In the meantime, I was able to leave my other jobs and dedicate myself exclusively to Frazetta girls. (…)

We’re honoured when a festival with such history as Lucca Comics & Games contacts us to honour the memory and impact my grandfather’s art had on the entertainment industry. We’ve always received so much affection from Europe, and even to get here it was necessary to develop a partnership and licensing strategy. After decades of logistical nightmares, with Sergio Rincon of Corner 4 Art we finally managed tomake high quality prints available for the European market at an affordable price. Finally having the opportunity to come to Italy: I don’t know if you know this, but this is the first time a Frazetta has come to Italy in the last hundred years!"

Venue: Padiglione Carducci - Lucca