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Comics in Museums

The third edition on show

The third edition of Fumetti nei Musei- by Mattia Morandi, Simona Cardinali and Chiara Palmieri - consists of seventeen stories set in places of Italian beauty. 

Once again, the Ministry of Culture's project, realised in collaboration with the Coconino Press - Fandango publishing house, shows great liveliness, giving "voice" to the creativity of artists of different generations, styles and languages, and strengthens the link between cultural institutions and contemporary Italian comics.

Precisely at Lucca Comics & Games, the Fumetti nei Musei series has received important awards since its debut, which have helped to bring comics and major Italian cultural institutions closer together. Proof of this are: the Gran Guinigi Award as the best publishing initiative in 2018; the birth of the "Fondo Fumetti nei Musei" of the Uffizi Galleries, which collects the self-portraits of the authors involved; the agreement between Lucca Comics and the prestigious Florentine Galleries for initiatives of high cultural value including, every year, the entry into the collection of the self-portrait of the winner of the Gran Maestro del Fumetto.

Lucca Comics & Games thus gives voice and space to this project in 2023 and does so in the prestigious venue of Palazzo Ducale, where a selection of the works of the seventeen new artists involved is exhibited. An exhibition that confirms the transversality of the art of comics, an art that can tell the story of art, that of the past, that of the present and also that of the future to come.