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Hirohiko Araki

Hirohiko Araki was born in Sendai in 1960. In 1980 he reached the second place at the 20th Tezuka Contest by “Weekly Shonen Jump” with “Poker Under Arms”, and just in 1981 he made his debut with that same series on that same magazine. His “B.T. "the Wicked Boy"” was serialised from number 42-1983 and “Baoh” from number 45-1984. “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”'s publication begun on number 1/2-1987 and immediately met a great success among the public. After the end of “Steel Ball Run”, in April 2011, he started working on “JoJolion”, the 8th serie of the world-famous “generational” manga.

In 2009 his original full-coloured works of “Rohan at the Louvre” have been on display in the famous French museum for the project “Le Louvre invite la bande dessinée”. In 2013, “Caldaie”, Gucci showroom, hosted an exhibition of originals “Hirohiko Araki: An Exclusive Manga Exhibition in Florence”.

His most famous work, “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”, is considered one of the classic modern mangas, with more than 100 milion of copies sold only in Japan, and with a wide media franchise, which includes animated series, video-games, novels and a live-action movie directed by Takashi Miike. Translated and published all over the world, Jojo becomes particularly famous in Italy, where – being constantly serialised since 1993 – it is the most long-running manga of all times, with an extraordinary fan base, extremely numerous, passionate, and active.

Hirohiko Araki will be a Lucca Comics & Games guest in collaboration with Edizioni Star Comics.

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