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Be a Level Up Fan!

Choose to be a Level Up Fan to live Lucca Comics & Games in a special and exclusive way. The "Level Up" badge is much more than a simple entry ticket: it is a treasure chest full of opportunities for the 500 visitors who want to experience the convention closely, quickly and in a more relaxed way, meeting up with authors in incredible places within the City, and without missing any event.

Online pre-sale from 29 August to 14 October. 

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


2018 Level Up Fan will be able to purchase the 2019 Level up badge at the special price of €250.00.
Lucca Comics & Games Level Up Fan community manager will send an email to each 2018 Level Up Fan with a promo code that will let them purchase the 2019 Level Up badge for €250.00 euro.
The promo code will be available until 20 August 2019 and can be used only once.

This page is constantly updated, we suggest you to check it frequently.



It's a five days badge with special powers! We will issue only 500 Level Up tickets that will grant to our Level Up Fans a series of services exclusively dedicated to them.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


The cost of a single ticket is €290.00.
Pre-sale charges amount to €2,50.
If you were a Level Up Fan in 2018, there's more for you: until 20 August 2019 you can purchase the badge for €250.00.

Lucca Comics & Games Level Up Fan community manager will send an email to each 2018 Level Up Fan with a promo code that can be used once.

The ticket is strictly personal and nontransferable.
If you're a Level Up Fan and your children are less than 10 years old, you can live the experience with them.
Your children will not need a badge.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


You will receive a badge with your photo and a badge-holder created in collaboration with the costume designer and leather artist Gabriele Stazi.

With this kind of badge you'll receive a special crafted bracelet that will be valid for the entire duration of the festival.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


Our staff at the entrance of every pavilion will handle two lines: the normal one and the priority one, that will be for Level Up Fans also. The capacity of each pavilion is supervised by our staff. To the Padiglione Carducci and Napoleone you'll have special reserved entrances, indicated in the map each Level Up Fan will receive.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


As a Level Up Fan, you will be able to book your seat for the meetings you want, weeks before the festival starts. We'll inform you how to do it later on this site.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


From 29 July our staff will meet any Level Up fan request at: levelup(at)luccacomicsandgames.com.

To this email address any Level Up Fan will be able to send their requests, suggestions, and desires to make their Lucca Comics & Games experience unique.

During the festival a dedicated Whatsapp line will be created in order to be constantly in touch with the Level Up fan community and its community manager.

Moreover, for the entire duration of the festival, you will have a hotline at your service.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


In the heart of the festival there will be two areas where you will be able to recharge. There you will be able to recharge your phone, have a coffee with the guests of the convention, meet other Level Up Fan, and more.

Other services will also be available, such as the cloakroom and a desk to leave everything you buy to be delivered directly at home.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


As a Level Up Fan, you will be granted access, beyond the normal toilets for the public, to the toilets reserved for accredited professionals (exhibitors and staff) in each and every area of the festival. You will receive a map of the reserved toilets and you'll just need to show your badge to the surveillance staff to enter.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


In the most beautiful places of the city and of the convention, as a Level Up Fan, you will be able to have breakfast with a selection of artists, and to have tea, or an aperitif in the evening with some of the main authors and guests of the festival.

Among last year guests: LRNZ, Sio, Paul Bonner, John Kovalic, Robin Hobb, C.B. Cebulski, Todd LockwoodLicia Troisi, Andrea Angiolino, Immanuel Casto, Romina Falcone, the Dampyr artistic team, Yuriko Tiger, Simone Bianchi, Nicolas Brendon, Karl Kopinsky, Matteo Berton, Francesco Nepitello.

2019 guests will be announced later on this site.

Aperitifs will be opened to any Level Up badge holder, while breakfast will need to be booked from 16 October.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


At the Level Up Desk, all day long and for the entire duration of the festival, you will be able to leave and storage everything you'll buy. You may pick everything up before you leave, at your convenience, or enjoy our discounted deliver service. In this way, at a special rate, you will be able to receive directly at home all the gadgets, books, games, and comics you bought.
Any original or sketch will be handled and packed with care and shipped with insurance.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


As a Level Up Fan, you will get an exclusive bag containing all Lucca Comics & Games special editions: the Artbook of the exhibitions, games, and comic books published for the Project Contest and the Best New Game Proposal. Inside your bag, you'll also find your customised badge and your badge holder. Moreover, Level Up Fans will get a surprise designed ad hoc for them. An exclusive product that will treasure their most beautiful memories, helping them remember their unique experience: five days spent with the greatest artists and authors of comic books, games, literature, illustration and cinema.

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it


As a Level Up Fan, you will have the right to book a parking spot for a reduced price. After purchasing a Level Up ticket, Lucca Comics & Games Level Up community manager will send you via email a code to receive your discount on the parking space booking. You may book whenever you want visiting eventi.parcheggilucca.it

Buy your ticket online: luccacrea.vivaticket.it

  • You will never be just a convention to me, you will always be my world. Lucca, apotheosis of my passions. Angelo Agostini
  • Swirl of emotions, new friends in the warm embrace of a joyful crowd, Carnival of the soul. Carlo Stuto
  • Lucca, you're the comic book I love. Giuseppe Bennardo
  • Every year in Lucca words are clouds on our lips, here anything you can imagine cometo life. Alessandro Cecchinelli
  • Lucca, I come back to you every year: you grow without aging, while I feel like a child being with you. Giovanni Battista Novaro
  • What are love and brain, if not what lead humans to follow their passions? Lucca Comics & Games is the perfect link between two eternally fighting questions. Juri Tirabassi
  • Lucca Comics & Games is the place to beTo let your dreams run free. David Gusso
  • The ink flowing on the streets of Lucca makes our dreams come true. Francesco Tamburini
  • Lucca, you're joy and pain, races, waits, delays, hot and cold, smiles and tears, meetings and goodbyes, colours and unforgettable memories. Roberta Giancotti
  • When you feel in the right place at the right time, when anyone can shine without fear, then you know you're at Lucca Comics & Games. Giordano Cruciani