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Costellazione Manga


Saturday November 3rd, 09.00 - 11.00

Comics and animation often contain references to aspects of the real world that are the subject of scientific research. A citation of an astronomical object, an allusion to a physical law or its negation, may open a window onto the world of science.


During the last seven years, the Costellazione Manga project demonstrated that astronomical references in manga and anime are a powerful hook to get people's attention and to allow an effective dissemination of science. Such references can be a valid instrument in the hands of teachers and planetarium and museum operators.

In this workshop, we will present the Costellazione Manga project. We will include references to the pedagogy papers on which we based our project. We will share our experience in choosing from the available material and how to adapt it to the public's expectations. We will put our project into practice with a sample session dedicate to the works by Leiji Matsumoto.


Daria Dall'Olio, PhD student of astrophysics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden). Her research topics include star formation, magnetic fields and masers. She is active in astronomy outreach both in Sweden and in Italy, where she collaborates with the Planetarium of Ravenna and with the Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri of the National Institute for Astrophyisics (INAF-OAA).

Piero Ranalli, researcher in astrophyisics associated to Lund University (Sweden) and data scientist at Combient AB in Gothenburg (Sweden). He is author of more than 50 papers published on refereed journals, mostly in the field of X-ray observations of galaxies and active galactic nuclei.

The workshop is mainly aimed at:

  • university students in science, arts, communications and literature;
  • planetarium and museum operators;
  • teachers and researchers;
  • science communicators and journalists;
  • amateur astronomers.


The workshop on the 2nd November will be held in Italian. We can also offer a workshop in English, in another date or time, provided that a minimum of 10 participants is reached. Participation is also subject to having a valid entrance ticket to Lucca Comics & Games for the workshop day.

An application is needed. Please apply by sending an email to educational(at)luccacomicsandgames.com containing a short CV pertaining to the subject of the workshop.

More information on the Costellazione Manga project can be found on www.costellazionemanga.eu

  • Ci sono muri che separano ma sono stato su un muro che unisce. Goonatilleke S.
  • Ce sta Hulk come Lamù, e chi se ne va più? Francesco D.
  • Da te ritorno ogni anno mentre tu cresci senza invecchiare e io quando sto con te ritorno bambino. Giovanni Battista N.
  • La passione in migliaia di cuori. Roberta G.
  • Grazie Lucca Comics & Games per avermi fatto conoscere una mondo pieno di gioia e di fantasia. Roderick David G.
  • Sei fatta della fantasia di chi ci mette il proprio lavoro e della felicità di chi ci partecipa. Roberta M.