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Death SS


Death SS (“SS” stands for Steve Sylvester, the band leader) is an Italian rock band founded in 1977 by Sylvester himself, who wanted his band to house in itself all his interests – occultism, horror movies, erotic comic books, and rock music – in an original and local way.

The singer, adolescent at the time, wanted to visually “glamorize” five typical horror characters: the Vampire (singer), the Mummy (bass), the Wolfman (drums), the Zombie (guitar), and The Phantom of the Opera (keyboards). The idea was to give them the iconoclastic energy typical of punk, growing up at the time, taking its most extreme and shocking ideological aspects, and developing them in music in a heavy manner.

The transgressive live-shows of the band aroused a great interest in the static national music scene, and they immediately became a “cult-band”.

In September 2018 their last work has been released: “Rock’N’Roll Armageddon”, the cover of which has been designed by Alex Horley, who already worked on covers for Rob Zombie, Gene Simmons, and DC Comics.


  • Ci sono muri che separano ma sono stato su un muro che unisce. Goonatilleke S.
  • Ce sta Hulk come Lamù, e chi se ne va più? Francesco D.
  • Da te ritorno ogni anno mentre tu cresci senza invecchiare e io quando sto con te ritorno bambino. Giovanni Battista N.
  • La passione in migliaia di cuori. Roberta G.
  • Grazie Lucca Comics & Games per avermi fatto conoscere una mondo pieno di gioia e di fantasia. Roderick David G.
  • Sei fatta della fantasia di chi ci mette il proprio lavoro e della felicità di chi ci partecipa. Roberta M.