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Lucca Easy

Security Warning

To safeguard visitors and exhibitors' safety, we remind you that the railings set up on the city walls delimit the accessible area, thus stepping over the railings is strictly prohibited, as well as sitting and lying down on their perimeter.

Parents should always watch over their children, as falling from the city walls is equivalent to falling from the third floor of a building.
We kindly thank you for abiding by these rules, as they are set to ensure your safety, the preservation of our historical walls and on behalf of the manifestation.

Here are our tips on how to get to the city centre and some rules to follow in public spaces.

Visitors will be asked to show their tickets (day pass or multi-day pass) and bracelets upon entering the marquees that host the festival. We remind to our visitors to keep your tickets until the end of the event. Tickets/passes will expire once their time validity is over. All tickets must be matched with their bracelets.

Beverages in plastic conteiners with no bottle cap are allowed, provided that they don't exceed 0,5 l.

All internal areas will provide beverages in single-use containers sold without bottle caps.


Furthermore, it is not allowed:


  • to stand or sit on access points or emergency exits;
  • to bring in bags or backpacks whose capacity exceed 20 l, that will either way be inspected by autorized personnel. Spray paints of any kind, horns, chains, alcoholic beverages exceeding 5% of alcohol by volume, drugs, cans, canteens, tripods, clubs and poles, pen and laser pointers, drones, bicycles, skateboards, skates, overboards, tend and sleeping bags are not allowed. Entry is not allowed to those under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • to bring in luggage of any kind, entry of which will be allowed into the city walls only upon showing your accomodation reservation; they will either way be inspected by authorised personnel;
  • to bring in weapons of any kind, regardless of eventual gun licences. We also remind to you that the current legislation prohibits replicas and softair guns in public spaces;
  • to bring in gun replicas without the marking red paint or red caps (at least 3 cm of the barrel of the gun must be painted in red; in case of non-projecting barrel, at least 3 cm of the forepart of the gun must be painted in red) and/or sidearms endowed of sharp edges (i.e. Katanas, swords and so on).  Sidearms with RED MARKS and WITHOUT sharp edges are allowed only if fortming part of a cosplay, and therefore used for visual effects and not for offensive usage;
  • regarding any gadgets purchased within the festival areas, they must abide by the same set of rules in case of unpacking (red marks/paint in the barrel of the forepart of guns, sidearms with no sharp edges and forming part of a cosplay). If they do not abide, the wrapping/box must be kept intact while within the city walls;
  • to bring in flammable sustances and explosives of any kind;
  • to bring in beverages with high alcohol content;
  • to bring in glass bottles or containers;
  •  to bring in any object that could hinder visibility and/or interfere with emergency signs;
  • to conduct any unauthorized commercial activity;

Please note that:

  •   flying over the city and filming with ADR-drones is prohibited;
  • authorised objects may be inspected by our personnel;
  • law enforcement are entitled to impound any object that could harm other visitors;
  • upon entering the city walls, visitors may be asked to remove masks or costumes of any kind and to show the face, as well as undergo checks upon request from law enforcement.


We also remind you that, in accordance with the current legislation, it is NOT ALLOWED to bring weapons of any kind and/or any other object that could harm other visitors from your own accomodation to public areas, regardless of eventual gun licences.

Lastly, we remind you that all visitors must abide by the rules, provisions and public ordinances throughout the duration of the event.

Those refusing to comply with this Regulation will be sanctioned according to the current legislation.

Easy Gate


In the main marquees we prepared special accesses for pregnant women and people with disabilities. They are marked with the wording "Easy Gate", and the sign that you see above.

Our staff will be at disposal to easier the access. Nonetheless, you will be aked to show your ticket and bracelet (people with disabilities may request a free pass at the Welcome Desk).


  • You will never be just a convention to me, you will always be my world. Lucca, apotheosis of my passions. Angelo Agostini
  • Swirl of emotions, new friends in the warm embrace of a joyful crowd, Carnival of the soul. Carlo Stuto
  • Lucca, you're the comic book I love. Giuseppe Bennardo
  • Every year in Lucca words are clouds on our lips, here anything you can imagine cometo life. Alessandro Cecchinelli
  • Lucca, I come back to you every year: you grow without aging, while I feel like a child being with you. Giovanni Battista Novaro
  • What are love and brain, if not what lead humans to follow their passions? Lucca Comics & Games is the perfect link between two eternally fighting questions. Juri Tirabassi
  • Lucca Comics & Games is the place to beTo let your dreams run free. David Gusso
  • The ink flowing on the streets of Lucca makes our dreams come true. Francesco Tamburini
  • Lucca, you're joy and pain, races, waits, delays, hot and cold, smiles and tears, meetings and goodbyes, colours and unforgettable memories. Roberta Giancotti
  • When you feel in the right place at the right time, when anyone can shine without fear, then you know you're at Lucca Comics & Games. Giordano Cruciani