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The Citadel

Many news for the Walls of Lucca, which is more than ever the reign of live role-playing game and cosplay, warmly hosting the festival and its visitors.

This year, gadget retailers will get down from the walls to be relocated in the new Verdi pavilion, in via del Pallone. This new arrangement is intended to rebalance the activities in the interests of a better livability of space and safety. 

The Walls of Lucca have always been the reign of live role-playing game and cosplay, along with their fandom. This year, The Citadel splits in two!

By tradition, the bastion of Santa Maria will host The Citadel Fantasy themed pavilion, while the new area of the Ancient Citadel will be located in the bastion of San Colombano, that will host professionals, artisans and enthusiasts of the historical re-enactment world, for an evocative journey into the past. We are sure it will mark the beginning of a new chapter for The Citadel!

In the barracks San Colombano and in Porta San Pietro Castle, the Ancient Citadel will house the MANN (National Archaeological Museum of Naples), enriching the area with an historical exposition, with a wide and multimedial educational offer addressed to children and teenagers.

The exposition features the history of the gladiatorial art, from its origins with funeral games in Ancient Greece to the earliest shows during the Republican Age, until the spectacular games organised in the Imperial Age. The exhibition aims to reveal the significance of these fights in the Roman society as well as  the duality of the role of gladiators, both brave warriors ready to face death in every battle and ordinary men with their dreams and personal desires, as we learned from several funeral inscriptions.

(Translated by S.S.M.L. Pisa)

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