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Two for "Magic: The Gathering"

Within “Lucca Games”, illustration and games are deeply intertwined: “Magic: The Gathering” is maybe the most long-lasting and perfect example of how artists have a fundamental role in the game field.

We are talking about artists of the calibre of John Avon, who will be one of the festival guests in collaboration with Legacy Distribution, author of more than 200 artworks for the famous card game by Wizards of the Coast, but also of some of the most well-known book covers for Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Arthur C. Clark and Harry Harrison.

In 2015, through a successful Kickstarter campaign, he published his first art-book “Journeys to Somewhere Else”, in which you can find some of his best works.

From the never-ending source of talents of “Magic”, thanks to the collaboration with Nebraska’s War, Melissa Benson will be in Lucca: she is one of the 25 artists who've been chosen to be part of the project when Wizards of the Coast first published the game in 1993. 

Since then, Melissa Benson, besides having created the monstrous creatures for “Nightmare” cards, “Shivan Dragon” and “Lord of Atlantis”, has been working on role-playing games such as “Vampire: the Masquerade” and “Dragon Storm”.




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