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Going old school

A storytelling to play, between the shared narration of Dungeons & Dragons and the narration through images of Magic: The Gathering.

The Games section of Lucca Comics & Games, the Italian temple of gamers community, is more than ready to welcome its fans, with its 460 tables to play and a capacity of 2000 sessions at the same time! Everyone, just everyone, will get the chance to play: fans, casual gamers, families, kids, or just curious.

It will be whopping 10.000 square meters of fun in the biggest pavilion ever built in Italy, "il Carducci", among boardgames, role-playing games, trading card games, miniatures but also illustrations and fantasy.

It is exactly the contamination of different worlds, particularly the ones of narration and game-design, which leads the work of Jeff Grubb, a leading exponent of “Dungeons & Dragons” old school, who will be a guest of Lucca Comics & Games in collaboration with Mondiversi.

Jeff will also be the patron of the 13th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons - Red Box Tournament. The tournament will use “Spelljammer” – which was created by Grubb and will become the setting of “D&D Adventurers League” as well – as a setting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie “Alien”.



  • Ci sono muri che separano ma sono stato su un muro che unisce. Goonatilleke S.
  • Ce sta Hulk come Lamù, e chi se ne va più? Francesco D.
  • Da te ritorno ogni anno mentre tu cresci senza invecchiare e io quando sto con te ritorno bambino. Giovanni Battista N.
  • La passione in migliaia di cuori. Roberta G.
  • Grazie Lucca Comics & Games per avermi fatto conoscere una mondo pieno di gioia e di fantasia. Roderick David G.
  • Sei fatta della fantasia di chi ci mette il proprio lavoro e della felicità di chi ci partecipa. Roberta M.