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At Full Hasbro

Hasbro will reveal as a world preview the new line of action figures, accessories and vehicles dedicated to the “Star Wars” saga and Marvel superheroes (some of them in absolute exclusive for the occasion) and even the fans of the robot vehicles Transformers will find something to meet their match.

The date (to mark on your agenda) is Friday 1st November from 12.00 a.m. in Ingellis Room (Carducci Pavilion). An opportunity for all the fans out there to meet our guests, among which: Daniel Yun, Global Product Development & Marketing Manager for Marvel, Patrick Schneider, Global Product Development & Marketing Manager for “Star Wars”, and Sam Smith, Product Design and Development Manager for “Star Wars”. Among the panel guests, there will be Emiliano Santalucia, the only Italian Toy Designer to have collaborated for years with Hasbro to develop new Transformers, and he will reveal the latest news which comes directly from the faraway Cybertron.

All the enthusiasts ready to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Marvel can admire the Iron Man, Thor and Capitan America replicas inspired by the iconic paper counterparts of the mythic comics by Marvel 80th Anniversary Series, or the new Black Series action figure of Luke Skywalker and of Sith Trooper made from “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker”, a new unique line celebrating the end of the Skywalker cinematographic saga.

Always attentive to social issues, Hasbro keeps on collaborating with ADMO thanks to Transformers, supporting, even in occasion of Lucca Comics & Games, the awareness campaign “C’è un eroe in ognuno di noi” (“There’s a hero in all of us”): the Association Donors Bone Marrow will show an unpublished drawing realised to sustain the initiative by Toy Designer Emiliano Santalucia. And there’s more: Sam Smith will partecipate to a Live Art Session for Emergency on Friday 1st November at the Pavilion Napoleone, drawing in real time a piece which will be sold in the famous charity closing the event.

Last but not least, Hasbro Gaming will be part of the Games Zone in Pavilion Carducci with the evergreen “Jenga”, “Taboo” and “Cluedo”, as well as bringing along many innovative and amusing board games such as “Miss Monopoly”, the first and only version of the par excellence board game completely dedicated to women, and the entertaining “Monopoly Pizza” or the extremely rare edition dedicated to “Games of Thrones”.

(Translated by S.S.M.L. Pisa)

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