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Beyond Reality

Becoming Human is the theme chosen for 2019 Lucca Comics & Games, thinking about a community used to ask and get asked a lot of questions, even uncomfortable ones, and to confront each other directly, rejecting any readymade answer. In this sense, some of the greatest books of the fantasy genre are coming-of-age stories, capable of calling into question the ethic and values of the world we know.

Among the authors handling this theme, we can find the writer Raymond E. Feist, author of the “Riftwar Cycle”, a powerful and fascinating universe, which was created as the setting of a pen-and-paper RPG, became the basis for the video-game saga of Krondor and will be adapted in a TV series.

The “Riftwar Cycle” describes the encounter/clash among two civilizations, calling deeply into question the human being: can you care about an alien civilization, knowing that they are enemies of yours? And is it possible to care about them without feeling excluded from both civilizations?

Feist will be in Lucca to talk about is latest work, “King of Ashes”, the first volume of the “Firemane Saga”, published by Fanucci Editore and available in advance for Lucca Comics & Games’ visitors.

  • Ci sono muri che separano ma sono stato su un muro che unisce. Goonatilleke S.
  • Ce sta Hulk come Lamù, e chi se ne va più? Francesco D.
  • Da te ritorno ogni anno mentre tu cresci senza invecchiare e io quando sto con te ritorno bambino. Giovanni Battista N.
  • La passione in migliaia di cuori. Roberta G.
  • Grazie Lucca Comics & Games per avermi fatto conoscere una mondo pieno di gioia e di fantasia. Roderick David G.
  • Sei fatta della fantasia di chi ci mette il proprio lavoro e della felicità di chi ci partecipa. Roberta M.