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Hirohiko Araki, Guest of Honor

Edizioni Star Comics and Lucca Comics & Games are proud to announce that Master Hirohiko Araki will be one of the Guests of Honor of the next edition of the. He is one of the greatest mangaka of all times: eclectic, visionary, and revolutionary. He created a unique artistic language, strongly connotative and immediately recognisable.

It is the first time ever that the Sensei accepted an invite to a foreign convention. Therefore, his participation in Lucca Comics & Games is an extraordinary occasion. The passion and the great affection of Italian fans, after decades when Araki-sensei will be in Lucca to meet his audience, who will get the chance to see him in person. He will not sign autographs, but more details on the events he will take part in will be available soon.

The "epochal" two days with Araki-sensei perfectly fits in this year theme Becoming Human. In our time, the digital world and the all-pervading technology have made the idea of humanity more vague and indefinite. That's why we want to talk about human beings, and we are excited and proud to be able to do so with an artist who has always had humans and human lives as the heart of his work, as its file rouge and main theme. In his colossal work “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure”, the Sensei describes his admiration for humans – every character tries to change their destiny on their own – and the immortality of human spirit – even when a character dies, their will and their soul are inherited by the next generations.

We are obviously proud of his never hidden love for Italy: from the geniuses of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo – whose statues have inspired the world-famous poses of JoJo's characters – to modern stylists, Gucci and Bulgari above all others, whom Araki has collaborated with. It is no coincidence that “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” is setted in our Country!

Meet Master Hirohiko Araki at Lucca Comics & Games on 30 and 31 October: any events with him open to public will be announced by Edizioni Star Comics on its site piazza.starcomics.com and on its social account, and also by Lucca Comics and Games, on this site and on the official social accounts.


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