• Comune di Lucca
  • Provincia di Lucca
  • Under the patronage of: Regione Toscana, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Festival: from 31/10 to 03/11 - Exhibitions: from 19/10 to 03/11
Last news
  • Lucca Junior Contest: The Competition Announcement Presented in Bologna

    “Revolutionary portraits” will be the guiding theme of the eighth competition reserved for illustrators and comic book artists

    [more]> 25/03/2014
  • Welcome Back To The Best New Role Playing Game of the Year

    New deadlines, digital form now permitted... Find out all the news about the award reserved for the best Italian role playing games

    [more]> 25/03/2014
  • New Spaces for a Revolutionary Event

    The Japan Area will occupy an entire neighborhood of the city, walking through the city will be easier, and the tickets booths will be arranged in a new way. Check out the first news about Lucca Comics & Games 2014

    [more]> 25/03/2014
  • Best New Game Proposal 2014: Enter the Competition Now!

    The 27th contest has started, deadline being May 30th. The best one will be published by dV Giochi. And the theme for this year is...

    [more]> 12/02/2014
  • This Summer We Will Go... On Tour!

    Lucca Comics & Games On Tour will spread throughout Italy its passion for comics and cartoon theme songs. Don't miss the contest reserved for Cartoon Cover Bands!

    [more]> 17/02/2014
  • Record-breaking Passion (and Figures)

    217,646 paying visitors, 600 comics' authors, 30,000 game sessions... Discover all the numbers of 2013 Lucca Comics & Games

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • 2015 Blood Bowl World Cup to Be Held in Lucca

    The World Cup of the famous fantasy football game will take place in the Italian capital of board games. Lucca was chosen over Copenaghen and Sidney

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • Game of the Year Goes on Tour

    Augustus and Rogue Trader, winners of 2013 award, will participate to the major events in the field. First stop: "Ludica Roma” from 29 November to 1 December

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • Netherlands-Lucca (and back...)

    ...Duch artists got back, actually. After the 2012 exhibit-performance, they presented us with a comic report of 2013 Lucca Comics & Games

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • Translation Slam: "And The Winners are..."

    The most awaited moment of the second edition of Lucca Comics translation contest: the verdict of the jury

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • From the Big Screen to Our Stage

    Cinecittà World, the cinema-themed park that is being realized in Rome, awarded the best cosplayers of movie characters at Lucca Cosplay

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • Interview with Shooting Star's authors

    Who they are, what they do, what are their favourite games, their experience with the New Game Proposal

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • You Won

    Gran Guinigi, Game of the Year, Project Contest, Best New Game Proposal, Junior Contest: find out the winners

    [more]> 11/11/2013
  • The Best of Lucca 2013

    Watch the highlights videos. Four days (and four nights) of passion, colour, culture, fun

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • "Facce da Comics" in Action

    SkyCine News reporters in action in Lucca. Watch the television specials casted during the festival

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • «Respect and Civility: Congratulations, Everybody!»

    Letter from a citizen of Lucca to the newspaper "La Repubblica", Tuesday 5th November 2013

    [more]> 09/12/2013
  • The Numbers Speak for Themselves. Over 200 thousands people!

    Thank you. For your passion, for your patience, for the joy you all brought to Lucca Comics & Games 2013

    [more]> 11/11/2013
  • «We Will Treasure It»

    «An unbelievable edition that gave us a lot and taught us a lot». Greetings from the director Renato Genovese

    [more]> 11/11/2013
  • Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

    The little wizard from Oxford turns 15 years old. We will celebrate his birthday on November 2 with trivia and limited editions.

    [more]> 22/10/2013
  • Preview of Arrugas – Wrinkles at Cinema Centrale

    The animation movie based on the graphic novel Arrugas we'll be presented at Movie Comics and Games.

    [more]> 22/10/2013
  • Ci sono muri che separano ma sono stato su un muro che unisce. Goonatilleke S.
  • Ce sta Hulk come Lamù, e chi se ne va più? Francesco D.
  • Da te ritorno ogni anno mentre tu cresci senza invecchiare e io quando sto con te ritorno bambino. Giovanni Battista N.
  • La passione in migliaia di cuori. Roberta G.
  • Grazie Lucca Comics & Games per avermi fatto conoscere una mondo pieno di gioia e di fantasia. Roderick David G.
  • Sei fatta della fantasia di chi ci mette il proprio lavoro e della felicità di chi ci partecipa. Roberta M.